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Activated Charcoal "The Benefits"

Although it may be hard to believe, charcoal is environmentally safe, activated char is made from renewable material such as our [ Chatsubu ] "Shou Sugi Ban" Materials. This waste would otherwise be sent of to the landfill, which impacts the future of our planet.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal (AC) in soils:

Soil Detoxification:

By using our [ chatsubu ] activated char this will help remove toxins and chemicals from the soil, making a healthier and more sustainable grown environment for plants.

Odor Control:

Activated Char has a odor-absorbing property. It will reduce unpleasant smells caused by decaying, compost or stag water. This also tremendously helps in closed terrarium environments.

Aids in Drainage:

Adding AC into soils will enhance the drainage capabilities by excessive water retention and will reduct risk against water-logging your roots. AC will make for a much more porous potting mix.

Prevention against root rot:

AC will help stop the growth of harmful bacterias and fungus. It will help reduce the risk of root rot or other soil-born disease.

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption:

AC can help improve nutrients availability to garden plants by holding essential nutrients and minerals in your soil. This makes it accessible to the plants roots.

Pest Control and Insect Killer:

Bugs hate activated char from "Shou Sugi Ban" materials. Sprinkle a little powdered AC over your plants and this will help deter most insects that can create havoc in your garden. It is a natural pest repellent. Save your plants, you worked hard for this.

Balanced pH Levels:

AC or once again activated char, will help stabilize your pH in the soil, prevent excessive acidity or Alkaline and create a great growth environment for your plants.

Increased microbial activity:

AC will provide habitat for soil micro-organisms, promoting healthy and lively soil ecosystem to support your plants growth.

Weed suppression:

Layering activated char in your soil mulch will help suppress weeds from growing by blocking sunlight and hindering the weeds seed germination.

Long-Lasting effects:

Unlike most soil additives, Activated char has a long-lasting effect, providing long-lasting benefits to your garden over extended periods of time.

The application of using Activated char should be done in moderation and in appropriate quanities based on the needs of your plants and soils. This post is only to show the benefits that may occur. We take no responsibility on how you use your activated char. Research appropriately before you use or incorporate into your soils.

Here is another good article on activated char from Cornell University: CLICK HERE

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