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[ Chatsubu ] process of milling

Milling wood is a large part of the process before getting to the stages of our burn, cure and finish. It is shaping and sizing wood into a desired dimension and form.

  • The process begins with selecting suitable logs, many factors such as species, size, and quality are considered.

  • Materials are cut into smaller sections known as cants or boards, using a sawmill. Methods such as using a bandsaw or circular saw are used based on the desired wood product.

  • Edges of the boards are trimmed to achieve strait and consistent dimensions, this part of the process can be done manually or with automation.

  • Fresh sawn materials that contain high moisture, to prevent cracking, warping or other issues are air-dried over time, kiln dried or we also have started using thermally modified materials.

  • We many times will run our materials threw a plainer to get a consistent smooth and uniform surface, especially if we are brushing the materials after the burn.

  • Before and during the process of our burn, the milled wood materials are inspected, graded and sorted based on quality, ensuring only the best for our clients. Chatsubu is a quality product the we require to meet specific standards.


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