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[Chatsubu] United By Design

[ chatsubu ] chagrin is a division of Crucible, which is a workers cooperative located in Bozeman, Montana. A cooperative or co.op is an organization with individuals or businesses come together to jointly own and operate a venture for mutual benefit. Members share ownership, decision-making and profits or benefits generated by the business.

Cooperatives are founded on the principles of participation, and solidarity among members. They aim to meet members’ economic, social, and cultural needs while promoting fairness and sustainability.

Crucible has a few other divisions other than just chatsubu. Below are just a couple others.

Xplor Games

"The Next Level"

Instagram: @xplorgames

Xplor builds high end custom games such as pool tables, shuffleboards and much more including full game rental fleets and leases for companies.

Recycled Supply


[ website under construction ]

Instagram @recycledsupply

RS offers a large variety of recycled barnwood and other materials


"United by Design"

Instagram: @crucibledesignstudio

give [ chatsubu ] chagrin a follow on instagram at @chargrain to stay up to date.

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