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"Hachi" sushi restaurant

"Hachi" sushi restaurant
"Hachi" sushi restaurant

"Hachi" sushi restaurant is an urban-inspired, street casual izakaya specializing in simple sushi, elevated sashimi, and Japanese street food for an enhanced environmental dining experience.

wood: [ kǝ-räl ] reclaimed⁣

mill: [ s.låp ] ship lap

brush: [ 2 päss ]⁣ two pass

color: [ trú blåc ] black ⁣

finish: [ øil ] oil

Location: Bozeman, Montana

With using [ chatsubu ] shou sugi ban cladding in Hachi, created a unique and inviting ambiance with all the other design concepts together. The charred wood's texture and appearance evoked a sense of traditional Japanese craftsmanship, enhancing the restaurant's atmosphere and authenticity. Being a low-maintenance product, made it perfect for a high-traffic and moisture-prone environment with all the benefits shou sugi ban brings. The eco-friendly nature of the technique also aligned with the sustainability and natural elements that are often associated with Japanese cuisine.

The blue collar restaurant group is a family-run organization that always put service first. We have work with the BCRG for years on multiple restaurant designs and builds.

The BCRG empowers and helps people realize their full potential, They are inclusive, making sure everyone feels welcome. They are kind, because it's the right thing to do, and they are loyal to one another and the community. Spirited, encouraging friendly competition, while remembering that they are all on the same team.

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