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interior Shou Sugi ban door

Applying [ chatsubu ] shou sugi ban to an interior door can infuse character and charm. The charred wood textures and aesthetics create a rustic, eye-catching feature to your home. It also enhances the door’s durability and resistance, making it an excellent choice for both style and function in custom homes and commerical spaces.

barn door, shou sugi ban, chatsubu, chargrain, bozeman, montana

interior Shou Sugi ban door

wood: [ sédǝr ] cedar⁣

mill: [ sqüår ] square

brush: [ 2 päss ]⁣ two pass

color: [ trú blåc ] black ⁣

finish: [ løb ] interior matte ⁣

This was a custom rolling barn door created for a client using our shou sugi ban product with a daze of steel fabrication from Crucible with the rolling system and custom inset door handle.

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