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shou sugi ban bed frame

shou sugi ban bed frame
shou sugi ban bed frame

This shou sugi ban bed frame was built using our double brushed product, using recycled materials; [ kǝ-räl ] reclaimed⁣ , along with two passes and as the final finish, Rubio monocoat was applied.

wood: [ kǝ-räl ] reclaimed⁣

mill: [ sqüår ] square

brush: [ 2 päss ]⁣ two pass

color: [ trú blåc ] black ⁣

finish: [ rübî ] rubio

Using [ chatsubu ] shou sugi ban, creates a visually striking appearance with the charred and textured surface, adding a little bit of rustic, dramatic, and modern flare to interior spaces and furniture. It also transforms ordinary wood into a durable, visually captivating and low-maintenance design element. It adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your home spaces.

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