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Shou Sugi Ban, Exterior Door

shou sugi ban exterior door
shou sugi ban exterior door

This was a shou sugi ban, exterior door we custom built for an entrance on a tiny home. it has a distinctive charred appearance that adds a unique and eye-catching element to the homes exterior.

wood: [ kǝ-räl ] reclaimed⁣

mill: [ sqüår ] square

brush: [ 2 päss ]⁣ two pass

color: [ nåt ] natural⁣

finish: [ üv shør ] ⁣exterior uv

We inlayed a material called richlite between our [ chatsubu ] shou sugi ban. Richlite is a brand of lightweight, durable and sustainable building materials made from paper-based composites. Paired with our product, we are big fans of richlite materials.

The char process we use increases the resistance to weather, pests, rot, mold and results in a longer lifespan. Our product requires very minimal maintenance, making it very practical and a long-lasting choice in products.

Using our [ chatsubu ] shou sugi ban product, can be tailored to your own style and design preferences, offering a personalized touch for your home.

#shousugiban, #customdoor

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