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"ancient art of shou sugi ban"

below is video one of our full series launch. we will be dropping a new video each month and eventually every other week.

"ancient art of shou sugi ban"

[ Yakisugi ] or Shou Sugi Ban is the ancient Japanese method of preserving wood through a charring process. The end result leading to a beautiful, waterproof, durable, fire-retardant, and bug resistant product.

[ CHATSUBU ] which means char grain, is our trademarked method of making shou sugi ban. We remain true to the timeless preservation method, with the advantage of modern technology, chatsubu is a superior wood product crafted with delicate precision and has literally stood the test of time.

The emphasis in building has returned to sustainability and natural aesthetics. The result is a movement in re-engineering the ancient technique of burning wood for beauty and quality. We are proud of taking techniques from the past and making them our own with the creation of Chatsubu.

During the heat treatment, the cellulose layer is burned off leaving a hardened material resistant to insects, rot & weathering long with being a very low maintenance material. The char layer also reduces flame spread. The char layer will last 40-50 years, depending upon conditions. After many years with no maintenance, the layer will start to ware, creating a unique and beautiful patina.

Fun fact:

In our logo there is a green Japanese symbol which means tree. The outer edge represents the grain patterns in wood materials.

Huge thanks to Sheehan Works for helping us put together an amazing video series. This is one of many to come over the next few months.

Learn more about our trademarked and refined way of making Shou Sugi ban at

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