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The process of creating

Sometimes, in the process of creating, builders/artists have to dive deep into a messy and challenging process to produce something remarkable and aesthetically beautiful. The journey of creation often involves hard work, setbacks, difficulties and getting dirty, but in the end as a result, can be a beautiful masterpiece.

Finishes w/ shou sugi ban involve using the ancient way of Japanese wood preservation to create luxurious and visual stunning finishes on different architectural elements with both interior and exterior


Here is how it works:

We hand select high quality woods:

By selecting premium quality woods from cedar, doug fir or thermally modified materials, we only use the finest boards for each project

Charring the wood:

With our designed flame system, the heat is evenly applied to the wood’s surface, which causes the wood to char, turn black and become what is know as alligator skin. The depth of the char can vary, but is a critical aspect of achieving desired aesthetic.

Brushing the wood:

With our modified brush system, if desired we will brush the char from the wood, revealing the underlying texture and grain patterns. This smooths the surface from any char.

Finishes to the wood:

You can choose a natural tone with no finish or if desired, we used multiple finishes depending upon application from interior to exterior to add an extra layer of finish. The char alone is a natural finish and no other finishes are needed if a certain patina over time is desired. we use premium finishes to enhance the woods appearance and to give that extra protection from elements.

We have processes of combining different stain colors and finishes to create custom unique shades for clients. Choose from one of our colors or ask about creating your own unique color. We start with a base and then by adding calculated amounts of other colors and finishes, we are able to provide a beautiful one of a kind color to match your own project.

Proper calculations and color mixtures is an art of its own and we enjoy the creativity of custom orders.

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